How to finance you IT Startup

According to American writer and critic Joseph Wood Krutch, “Technology made large populations possible; large populations now make technology indispensable”. Agree or not, nowadays the most demanded sphere is IT development: it makes our life easy, comfortable and more stable. Shall it be just a mobile application or a new medical equipment, it definitely needs couple of coins in your pocket. So let`s look through the best business grant opportunities for IT startups:

Citrix Startup Accelerator, San Francisco
The “pearl” of IT industry is Citrix Startup Accelerator, which has hundreds of different grant programs, located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Citrix provides support, coaching and financing that a startup need on the early stage of its development. Anyone with a great business idea regarding the development of technology can apply for the seed funding (around 250 000 USD). Citrix takes an obligation to monitor the development of the startup and give a helping hand anytime the startup needs it. In case you get financed, you get an access to global Citrix net, Silicon Valley and Citrix executives’ advice. The application deadline is open, so you can register right now.

Fit 4 Start, Luxembourg
For startups in the ICT (Information and Communication technology) field there is one more grant opportunity: FIT 4 Start. The mentioned program provides you with the best knowledge, vast experience of the market and business development expertise. Fit 4 Start has several grant opportunities, each grant amount is up to 150 000 USD. During the duration of the program (up to 16 month) the startup will gain valuable networking opportunities in Luxembourg`s startup environment: don’t miss a chance to apply for winter 2019 programs.

French Tech Ticket, Paris
For the lovers of Chardonnay there is a special grant financing program – French Tech Ticket (FTT), which already has a history of 70 international startups financing which were chosen through global competition. The grant amount is 45 000 EUR and the duration period, which is called “incubation” is 12 months. During the “incubation” period startup is provided with workspace and special coaching sessions, which aim to boost professionalism and efficiency of the business. Moreover, after the incubation period is over, FTT tries to support its alumni with the help and advice of its` partners.

Hello Tomorrow, Paris
One more Parisian story: Hello Tomorrow is a science & tech competition for start-ups, which specialize in innovations and technology. The winner takes it all: 100 000 EUR from BNP Paribas or 15 000 EUR from the partners. However, Hello Tomorrow is not about the money, it`s about opportunities: they give you the global platform for your future development and following projects, community of 400 high-tech startups and networking with the most influential people in the related fields. You are already able to register for the 6th edition Global Challenge – don’t miss your chance!

Kickstart, Switzerland
For startups in the sphere of science and engineering driven technologies in the fields of EdTech & Learning, FinTech & Digital Assets, Food & Retail Tech, Smart City & Technology, HealthTech and Cybersecurity – there is a great opportunity for getting a business grant of 10 000 USD and a bulk of other benefits. Kickstart, located in Switzerland, provides access to leading Swiss corporation executives, local investors and market, overall. Kickstart is sure that collaborations of startups with big enterprises representatives, sharing experience and knowledge may provide solutions to humanity`s biggest problems. The application deadline is 17th May, 2019.

All of them above mentioned programs are headhunter, don`t miss your chance to apply now!

Galina Oganesiani