Global Startup business grants

“It is not about the journey, but about the destination” – so is it the same with startup financing? Sometimes starting a business may be not only be exhausting, but also exciting: some startup financing programs offer its grant recipients working visa and cover all of their accommodation expenses, in case if a startup team is ready to locate their business in their country. While the host country is trying to boost economy and use local material and labor, the recipient of the grant is changing working environment and broadening its business network.
If you are ready to settle down in a foreign country, then you should get acquainted with the best options:

Parallel18, Puerto Rico
Parallel 18 is the best opportunity for the ones who would like to combine business and leisure. Parallel 18 is a start-up hub, offering young smart businesses grants of 40 000 USD, workshops with local and international mentors, entrepreneurial community and a global network of start-up markets. All this is being “spiced” by a Caribbean lifestyle.

O SEED, Minas Gerais
O SEED has already financed 152 startups. The grant amount is 68 000 USD (to projects with two entrepreneurs) or 80 000 USD (to projects with three entrepreneurs). They are searching for smart individuals with eco-friendly business ideas and who are ready to contribute to Minas Gerais economy. From the other hand, SEED provides you with the potential global client`s community and the most important, its unique experience.

Innovator Program, Raleigh
Innovator Programs mission is to modernize the workplace by creating a modern working ecossytem. Anyone with a great business idea providing consumer problems solving may be financed by the Innovators Program with 20 000 USD. Moreover, you will be provided with a 15 months membership to HQ Raleigh and local co-working place. The application is available till July, 2019.

Arch Grants, St. Louis
Want to try settling down in St. Louis with a great business idea? Then Arch Grants are definitely for you! Arch Grants are searching for smart intellectual individuals, with innovative tech start-ups: you go through competition, you win and then you get 50 000 USD grant – quite simple, isn`t it? The main aim of Arch Grant is to attract professionals, inspire local people and develop local economy.

Startup Chile (SUP), Chile
SUP offers startups to use Chile as a platform and gives the most diverse opportunities to the most creative and smart leaders. Nowadays, it is best recognized for its support for high-tech innovations and is known as one of the drivers of Chilean economy.
SUP provides three different programs:

  • Huella – With the help of the grant sum of 80 000 USD, SUP will provide you during 6 months with such tools like workshops, training and will help you get networks with other alike companies. Take into consideration, that if you are ready to darken your tan and stay in Chile for additional 14 month, SUP will provide additional 80 000USD for your kind intention ((application starts: winter semester, 2019).
  • Seed –the grant amount is 80 000 USD and they cover all your accommodation/visa expenses (application starts: 30th July, 2019). As a result, you get access to the whole Startup Chile community.
  • The S-Factory – if you are a women and have a great business idea that empowers other women and the economy as well, than SUP is ready to help you to build your start-up and provides you with 25 000 USD grant (application open till: 28th May, 2019).

Choose the one that suits you most and try not to miss the deadline!