Global opportunities of Research and Development Grants (R&D Grants)

Innovation is key aspect of any type of business. Research is a tool that helps a company to empower and foster innovation. As a consequence, company start to develop. The most vital part is to manage R&D process efficiently, including the financial aspects. There are global players, who are ready not only to issue a grant for R&D, but also to help you in the managing process. Lets` get acquainted with best ones:

The World Academy of Science (TWAS)
The World Academy of Science is a leader on the global R&D market. The Academy realizes that most of the developing countries not only lack financial resources for researches, but even do not have sufficient knowledge and equipment to do high scale researches. Therefore, TWAS has its Grant Project in different fields for individuals or research units from developing countries. The main aim of this projects is to strengthen scientific society globally and to reinforce and promote researches. The topics differ according to the program: it may be Solar Radiation management, Climate Change or just Basic Science researches. Every grant project is supported by TWAS partners, therefore there are joint research grant opportunities. The grant amount and research length always differ, depending on the topic of the research. The head of the research unit should be an experienced scientist from developing country. The application deadline for every program also differs, so visit official web-site:

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
American government offers special grant programs in the field of R&D to companies, who have a perspective for commercialization and may become profitable one day. American Congress has a vivid perspective on the issue of SME development: they realize how important is to “give a way” to SME sector, so it can compete with large corporations. The grant program is qualified for anyone willing to pursue the science and R&D career, especially are encouraged women and socially or economically disadvantaged persons. SBIR programs are supported by different Federal Agencies. The whole amount of the research grant is 3 200 000 USD (3,2% of the R&D budget) is being allocated among grant recipients. You may apply at your convenience.

Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR)
One more program, that aims to gap the bridge between SME and R&D in tech innovations industry – Small Business Technology Transfer. The unique feature of the grant is that a recipient has to formally cooperate with the research institution – one of the aims of the program is to increase joint ventures between private sector and research institutions. STTR programs are supported by different Federal Agencies. The whole amount of the research grant is 4 500 000 USD (0,45 % of the R&D budget) that is being allocated among grant recipients. You may apply at your convenience.

Merck Group
More modern and simplified project is Merck Group, which offers several research grants from time to time. Its aim is to set light to the science and medical progress. The duration is 3 year and Merck is willing to grant you with 350 000 EUR per year. The research areas are Healthy Lives/ Drug Discovery, Life Reimagined / Synthetic Biology, Materials & Solutions and Digitalization/Computing. After the handed application you are invited to the closed discussion with other members and Merck scientists. It is not only an opportunity for «winning a jackpot”, but also for building your network in the related fields.

Galina Oganesiani