Empowering family business: how to finance family-owned business

Most of the time, doing business is not about large corporations or huge investments: just a little business run by family members. Such a business doesn`t require counting ROI coefficient or angel investment phases, starting capital is submitted by family members and most often, is quite low. Family businesses always need a little “push” in the form of a funding in order to overcome challenges they meet on the market of giants.

One of the best possibilities is sharing your experience and success: some companies offer small grants for little businesses, because a period of time ago they started their business from zero. For example, Fundera – self-made business project, who is ready to share its success with others with the help of Fundera’s Annual Entrepreneurial Grant aka The Zach Grant. They are offering a grant of 2 500 USD for the best video entry. Main judging criteria is quality, originality and creativity. You can apply now!

If you are looking for independent grant project to finance your family business, Idea Café may be the best option for you. They are searching for unique business ideas or most creative solutions to everyday challenges. The grant amount is 2 500 USD, from which 1 000 USD in cash and 1 500 USD in advertising credits. But the most important what Idea Café offers is a huge bag of free publicity. The winner is choses not by the committee, but by public voting: the winner is the one who receives the highest number of votes. So let your family take part in the voting!

If you are planning to set up a children`s camps, classes or other children activities on the territory of USA, then you should definitely apply for ActivityHero Business Grant. The procedure is quite simple: apply, get 3 review from family members and try to collect votes from customers. In case of a high activity of your customers, you may take one of the places: 1st place gets 10 000 USD, 2nd place gets 3 000 USD, while 7 finalists share the 3nd place and get a reward of 500 USD each. The application deadline is 31 May, 2019.

If your family business is a solution to the problems of 21st century, then you should apply for The Safeway Foundation Grant – which aims to fight hunger, stimulate education issues, develop human services and tries to inspire others to assist people with disabilities. Safeway offers financing opportunities to anyone with a great idea regarding the mentioned sectors: the more goodwill your business brings to people, the more is the probability to get grant. The grant amount varies from 10 000 USD to 25 000 USD. The only requirement is that the organization should be located in the neighborhood area of Safeway stores. The deadline is rolling.

All family-owned billion worth corporations were started from family business, such as Walmart (241$ billion) or Samsung (174$ billion), so do not miss your chance and start implementing your business idea now!